Fostering & Adopting Service Manager - Trafford - #00041A4A1

Main Purpose of the job:

  • To take responsibility for the day to day management, development and co-ordination of the activities of a multi-agency team within the Children in Care service
  • To ensure the delivery of a high quality, effective and efficient service which is responsive, flexible and reflects the needs of children,young people relevant to the service and supports the delivery of the services objectives.
  • To develop and facilitate close working relationships with partner agencies, from both the statutory and voluntary/community sectors to ensure that integrated support is being provided to service users and their families to achieve the required outcomes.
  • To oversee the delivery of services for service users and their families/carers based on an assessment of need and within available resources.
  • Depending on the key lead area:

Ø To ensure the management of appropriate Fostering and Adoption Services for Looked After Children

Ø To ensure the management of appropriate Permanence and Transition Services for Looked After Children and Care Leavers.

Ø To ensure the effective delivery of in-house Children’s Homes provision in accordance with statute and regulation, to quality assure and support decision making in the placements of all Looked After Children.

Main Duties/Responsibilities

  • To ensure the delivery of services continuously improves the quality of life outcomes for service users
  • To operationally manage a team within the service to ensure the most effective service contribution to a range of service provision.
  • To continually review the operational effectiveness of the contribution of the teams to integrated multi-disciplinary pathways and plans of care and to implement required improvements
  • To actively support the Strategic Lead to ensure the service complies with CQC Standards and other national targets.
  • To deputise for the Strategic Lead when required.
  • To lead on the management of specific projects or speciality as defined within the service portfolios supported by the Strategic Lead, colleagues and service leads.
  • To support the on-going development of the service in response to patient/ service user feedback and national policy developments.
  • To develop effective relationships with patients/ service users, partners, other service providers and commissioners.
  • To work with the Strategic Lead and the and other key staff to plan, co-ordinate and develop contribution of the Children in Care service to a range of pathways within context of the All Age Integrated Health and Social Care Service Provision.
  • To work with the Strategic lead and other key staff to contribute effectively to the business and service development planning process, taking account of National and local targets.
  • To work with the Strategic lead and other key staff to implement policies and procedures to ensure all staff function effectively and safely to implement and monitor governance and risk management standards for the All Age Integrated Health and Social Care Service.

Policy and Services Development

  • To work with the Strategic lead and other key staff to to ensure policies, professional standards and requirements are implemented and understood within the Children in Care service
  • To advise the Strategic Lead on issues of service delivery, including shortfalls, service pressures and to propose and implement remedial action, as appropriate.
  • To negotiate with health and social care professionals, service users and other agencies in developing multi-disciplinary and inter-agency team working.
  • To focus on service transformation and redesign as appropriate.
  • To develop and respond to service needs in line with Business Plan Provider Services plus national and regional requirements.

Planning and Organising

  • To contribute to the business planning process as requested by the Strategic Lead, within the context of the Service.
  • To work with appropriate staff to implement service plans which reflect the priorities of the Divisional Business Plan for Children in Care , Trafford Council and national guidelines
  • To work with appropriate staff to ensure all staff attend mandatory and professional training programmes.
  • To plan, organise and Chair regular team meetings for staff, or support service/team leads in undertaking this task.
  • To work with team Leaders to implement agreed changes in service delivery.


  • To advise and liaise within the parameters of the integrated governance framework alongside the Strategic Lead on operational issues/risks within the Children in Care service.
  • To work with the Senior Manager for Governance and Clinical Leads for Governance to ensure quality standards are maintained (may change dependent on emerging structures).
  • To support the Strategic Lead in identifying risk, and developing plans to address this; engaging service and team leads in the process.
  • To work with appropriate staff to ensure risk is assessed within the workplace and environment and advice the Head of Governance of all accidents and omissions.
  • To work with the appropriate staff to act on and implement the conclusions of risk assessments and ensure staff compliance.
  • To ensure staff practise within the legal and ethical boundaries as determined by the Health Care Professions Council/NMC or other performers requirements

Responsibility for Human Resources

  • To ensure systems are in place for and to undertake appraisal of all staff within the service and to ensure regular auditing and reporting mechanisms are in place.
  • To ensure that continuing Professional Development is undertaken by all staff in order that mandatory professional registration with the NMC and Health Care Professions Council is maintained within the legal requirements for practice within the NHS sand associated requirements within social care provision.
  • To ensure that staff comply with statements of conduct and practice safely within defined professional standards.
  • To be responsible for the recruitment and selection of new staff within the team. This will include working in collaboration with other colleagues and partners, to write a job description, person specification, advertisement and ensuring appropriate induction and training is provided.
  • To ensure that all staff comply with HR policies.
  • To be accountable for all the disciplinary and grievance procedures which may arise within the service, working with Team leaders and consulting with Human Resources and Provider Governance, as appropriate.
  • To work with appropriate staff to monitor and manage performance. To take appropriate action where poor performance and/or inappropriate working practices are indentified.
  • To undertake appraisal, personal development planning and peer review, supporting the development of practitioners in their own and other disciplines, actively pursuing opportunities of multi-disciplinary learning.
  • To contribute to the development of students from other professional groups as appropriate, including apprenticeships and social work placements
  • To work with the Learning and Development Department, Governance Teams and Stakeholders in relation to the supervision and training of students and work experience placements.


  • To work with the Strategic Lead to ensure effective use of resources within the team.
  • To monitor and manage delegated budgets within the Children in Care service, this will include several budgets within service, with due regard for the Standard Financial Instructions of the NHS or the budget management guidance of Trafford Council supported by the head of Service and service leads.
  • To work with the Strategic Lead to manage budget pressures and ensure effective use of resources by liaison with Management accountants.
  • To oversee and be responsible for the procurement of supplies and equipment for the service following tendering guidance; supported by the Strategic Lead
  • To oversee and ensure that equipment and other resources required for the safe delivery of the service are purchased, delivered, secure, maintained and replaced.
  • To oversee and ensure the cost effective use of equipment, instruments and consumables.
  • To work with the Strategic Lead to develop and agree contracts for new and existing services in conjunction with the appropriate corporate support services.
  • To work with the Strategic Lead and the appropriate corporate support services to identify the potential for income generation and cost improvement schemes.
  • To be an authorised signatory.

Analysis and Data Management

  • To work with appropriate staff to ensure data collection systems are in place for all services and that this information is systematically recorded and reported in a timely manner through the appropriate channels.
  • To use this data to evaluate patterns of service delivery to ensure that the service is operating effectively and that resources are deployed equitably to meet the demands on the service.
  • To analyse monthly budget reports and liaise with the Finance department regarding actual or predicted variances, supported by the Strategic Lead and appropriate staff..

Research, Development and Audit

  • To work with the Governance Team to initiate and develop research/audit across the service, developing and maintaining an audit calendar.
  • To work with the Governance Team to facilitate the development and implementation of innovations in areas of quality standards and clinical effectiveness.
  • To collect, provide and disseminate research as required.
  • To work with appropriate staff to co-ordinate appropriate clinical input into research and audit projects via collaboration with professional colleagues.
  • To undertake the measurement and evaluation of own work and current practices through the application of evidence based best practice projects, reflective practice, clinical supervision, peer review, audit, research and outcome measures, applying them into practice.

General Duties of all post holders

· To undertake any other reasonable duty, which is appropriate to the band, when requested by Senior Staff

· To be familiar with and comply with all the organisation and departmental policies, procedures, protocols and guidelines

  • To be aware of and work towards the organisation’s strategic goals

Standards of Business Conduct

  • The post holder will be required to comply with the organisations standing order and standing financial instructions and at all times, deal honestly with the organisation with colleagues and all those who have dealing with the organisation including patients, relative and suppliers
  • The post holder must ensure that their behaviour and interests inside and outside work do not conflict with their Trust position, duties and/or responsibilities

· The post holder must comply with and support the development of the performance standards within the service/department to ensure the service is responsive to and meets the needs of its customers

· The post holder will be required to develop and maintain good working relationships with all patients, service users, staff, contractors and where appropriate, members of the public.

· The Trust/Council aims to maintain the good will and confidence of its own staff, patients, service users, NHS contractors, Public Sector Partners and the general public. To assist in achieving this objective it is essential that at all times, the post holder carries out their duties in a courteous, sympathetic and professional manager

· All post holders who are members of a professional body must comply with standards of professional practice / conduct. It is the post holders’ responsibilities to ensure they are both familiar with and adhere to these requirements and maintain their professional membership to the relevant body

Equality and Diversity & Equal Opportunities

  • The post holder must carry out all duties and responsibilities of the post in accordance with the organisation’s Equal Opportunities and Equality and Diversity policies, avoiding unlawful discriminatory behaviour and actions when dealing with colleagues, service users, members of the public and all other stakeholders
  • The post holder must promote awareness of and respect for equality and diversity in accordance with Trust policies and procedures
  • The post holder is responsible for treating all staff, patients, service users, NHS contractors and the general public with dignity and respect at all times


  • Appointments to regulated and controlled activities require an enhanced DBS
  • All staff have a responsibility to promote the welfare of any child, young person or vulnerable adult they come into come into contact with and in cases where there are safeguarding concerns, to act upon them and protect the individual from harm.
  • All staff should refer any safeguarding issues to their manager and escalate accordingly in line with the Child and Adult Safeguarding Policies.
  • All staff should familiarise themselves with the NICE Guidelines “when to suspect child maltreatment 2009.”

Professional and Personal Development

· The post holder must ensure that they are aware of their responsibilities by attending the Mandatory Training and Induction Programme

· The post holder will be involved in a formal appraisal with his or her manager at least every 12 months. Once performance / training objectives have been set, the staff member’s progress will be reviewed on a regular basis, so that new objectives can be agreed and set, in order to maintain progress in the service delivery

  • The post holder will be expected to take responsibility for their own professional development and will be supported to achieve development opportunities as appropriate

Confidentiality & Information Governance

  • Confidentiality is of prime importance. In the normal course of duties, the post holder will have access to confidential documents and information relating to patients, service users, staff and contractors, as well as information of a commercially sensitive nature. Such information should not be communicated to anyone outside or inside the NHS/Trafford Council unless done in the normal course of carrying out the duties of the post. Disciplinary action will be considered where a breach of confidence has been established
  • All information obtained or held during the post-holders period of employment that relates to the business of the organisation and its service users and employees will remain the property of the organisation. Information may be subject to disclosure under legislation at the organisation’s discretion and in line with national rules on exemption
  • The post holder must maintain high standards of quality in corporate and clinical record keeping ensuring information is always recorded accurately, appropriately and kept up to date. The post holder must only access information, whether paper, electronic or in other media, which is authorised to them as part of their duties
  • The post holder must ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998

Health & Safety at Work

  • The post holder is required to take reasonable care of the health and safety of themselves and other persons who may be affected by their acts or omissions at work and to co-operate with the organisation in adhering to statutory and departmental safety regulations.
  • The post holder is responsible for ensuring that they do not intentionally or recklessly misuse or interfere with anything provided in the interests of health safety or welfare e.g. misuse of equipment
  • The post holder is required to contribute to the control of risk and must report immediately, using the organisation Incident reporting system, any incident, accident or near miss involving patients, service users, carers, staff, contractors or members of the public
  • All organisation sites have been designated a no smoking area. The post holder is therefore advised smoking is not permitted within the hospital premises or grounds or whilst representing the Trust in the course of their duty. While the organisation will not discriminate against employing smokers, all prospective employees should be aware of this policy

Infection Control

  • Infection Prevention and Control is the responsibility of all staff.
  • All staff have a responsibility to protect service users, visitors and employees against the risk of acquiring health care associated infections by consistently observing the organisation Infection Prevention and Control Policies and procedures and best practice guidance in order to maintain high standards of Infection Prevention and Control.



Recognised registered professional qualification in , Social Care

  • Evidence of continued professional, managerial and personal development acquired through degree/diploma, specialist training, management qualification and/or equivalent
  • post graduate diploma or equivalent experience
  • Registration with HCPC


  • Operational management experience working in a Children’s Social Care setting, specifically one of the following areas;-Adoption

-Fostering/Family Placement

-Children in Care

  • Post – qualifying experience of working with service users as a practitioner
  • Experience of multi-agency working and networking
  • Experience of quality assurance systems
  • Of financial planning, budget and project management with the ability to resolve conflicting priorities and apply rigorous monitoring and control procedures
  • Experienced in managerial supervision
  • Experience of service redesign
  • A proven track record of leading, motivating staff teams, leading through change and of developing a performance culture, working successfully and effectively as part of a management team and of formulating strategies, policies, objectives and targets

Knowledge and Understanding

  • Detailed Understanding of key legislation, regulations, guidance and frameworks in relation to the specific service delivery areas of Trafford
  • Detailed knowledge and understanding of the legislation, regulations and guidance relating to own professional discipline and practice
  • Excellent communication skills and knowledge of broad service provision and partner organisations
  • Good understanding of the multi-agency roles and responsibilities in relation to adult services
  • Knowledge of policy drivers
  • Understanding of principles of service transformation
  • Quality assurance and performance management systems and processes

Skills and Abilities

  • Leadership skills – Ability to lead, influence and motivate people
  • Ability to build partnerships with a wide range of professionals, external partners and stakeholders
  • Manage change in a positive way and adapt quickly and flexibly to a constantly changing environment
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Implementation Skills – translate strategy into implementation plans with identified targets
  • Operational Skills – Develop systems to plan and manage performance
  • Governance – Develop and manage systems to oversee quality and safety service provision
  • Influential and persuasive communicator, with high level of written and verbal communication skills and presentation skills engendering commitment across groups from all levels of organisations, to achieve shared objectives
  • Ability to communicate effectively and represent the whole service
  • Ability to provide clinical/professional governance/supervision to ensure the safe delivery of high quality services.
  • Participation in the On-Call Rota

Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974

Disclosure will be requested for this in the event of a successful application.

Level: Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau Disclosure

You must have:

  • A professional qualification in social work and experience of working with Children's, in particular previous experience of Assessment work
  • Social Work England registration.
  • Post qualified experience.
  • Enhanced DBS/Update service.
  • References required for the last 5 years of employment.

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