Team Leader – Childrens Residential #12295218

July 25, 2022
£24853 - £25399 / year

Job Description

This is a permanent position, supporting Children in a Residential Setting. A great company with great benefits and lots of progression.

Shift Rota’s MON TUE SAT, SUN week 1 FOLLOWING WEEK: WED, THU FRI week 2 inc 1 to 2 sleeps per week paying £78 per sleep

This post is based on the standards, authority, responsibility and accountability of that of a Registered Manager. As part of Our Client’s investment in staff development, applicants and/or candidates are appointed to this position because they have clear potential to eventually become a Registered Manager. As Team Manager, the post holder will assist the Registered Manager in the leadership and management of the home and deputise for him/her in his/her absence. Under supervision, the Team Manager will receive training and gain first hand practical experience of doing most aspects of the job of a Registered Manager as part of continuing professional development. As Team Manager, the post holder will be given lead responsibility for specific tasks in the leadership and management of the home by the Registered Manager. Specific details of these will be determined in due course and are not set out in this job description. The Team Manager will have delegated authority for the tasks that he/she has been assigned, but the Registered Manager will retain full authority and accountability for the work of his/her Deputy. The core purpose of the role of the Team Manager is to: Assist the Registered Manager in providing an emotionally secure, consistent, warm, supportive and caring environment for the young people and to encourage their social, physical, emotional intellectual and moral development so that they may realise their own potential. STANDARDS This job description requires the post holder to perform his/her duty commensurate with the agreed standards for:  Children’s Homes – Quality Standards and Regulations  The Children’s Act  Ofsted Framework and Regulations  BILD – Autistic Spectrum Disorders It is the responsibility of the post holder to be fully aware of the standards that Our Client require in carrying out the duties in this job description. 1 TRAINING: All staff are required to attend full induction training including Child Protection and Physical Intervention before commencing employment. This training will be provided at no cost to the employee. A level 3 diploma in Heath & Social Care – Children and Young people is desirable, if not completed all Senior Residential Support Worker must achieve this within 2 years of commencing post, unless they already hold an appropriate qualification. AUTHORITY The post holder has delegated authority from the General Manager via the Registered Manager to carry out his/her duties as a Team Manager for Our Client in one of its homes. The authority is within that laid down in the company’s policies, procedures and routines, and agreed line management structure. If at any time the post holder is unsure of the authority that he/she has to carry out his/her role(s) he/she should discuss the matter in the first instance with his/her line manager. RESPONSIBILITY Within the framework of Our Client’s Statement of Purpose and its policies, procedures and routines, the responsibilities of the Team Manager are set out below. The post holder should also be aware of the responsibilities of a Residential Support Worker, which applies to all staff working on line with young people. To assist the Registered Manager in: Leadership and Management  The general leadership and management of a team of staff and young people.  In all aspects of the day to day management of the house and its programmes and activities, ensuring that it operates in a smooth, effective and efficient manner.  Setting an example to all other staff in high standards of dress code, professional courtesy and manners, communication, report writing, dealing with issues and conflict resolution.  Preparing the agenda for meetings and for chairing and taking minutes.  Training new staff in care staff procedures and routines. Young People  Identifying and assessing each young person’s problems and needs.  Assigning a Key Worker to each young person.  Oversight of the writing the young person’s Placement Plan.  Making arrangements for monitoring the implementation of the plan, monthly contact summaries and contributing to reviews.  Attending internal and external review meetings, when required, as his/her representative.  Developing and maintaining positive relationships with each young person to ensure that his/her needs are met.  Ensuring that social and recreational activities for each young person are assessed for risk and are well planned, organised and adequately supervised. Ensuring that staff are involved in the activities. Staffing  The recruitment of members of staff.  Ensuring that all members of staff are adequately supported and that your duty of care for their welfare has high priority. Communication  Ensuring that there is good communication between all members of the care staff team, both in daily face to face contact with each other as well as through handover and other meetings. 2  Ensuring that all members of staff are fully aware of policies, procedures and routines concerning the communication of personal and sensitive information. Monitoring and Quality Assurance Ensuring that all members of staff:  Provide a high standard of care for each young person, with particular regard for general health and personal hygiene.  Create and promote opportunities for each young person to have regular contact with and visits from parents, guardians, relatives and friends.  Maintain and sustain high standards of hygiene and cleanliness within the house.  Are aware of the extent of their role and responsibility and fulfil their duties to a high standard.  Play their part in maintaining the fixtures, fittings, furniture and fabric of the house to a high standard. Performance Management  Ensuring that he/she is able to conduct the fortnightly and monthly supervision sessions with staff without being disturbed.  To participate in his/her own (Team Manager) supervision session. Administration  Attending management meetings as and when required.  The control and distribution of house finances. Keeping accurate and up to date financial records. Preparing financial reports for the General Manager.  Ensuring that all professional records, including staff files, are kept in good order, filed securely and are up to date.  Completing the weekly staff rota and in ensuring that the General Manager receives a copy.  Recording and mentoring holiday requests to ensure that all shifts can be covered and are adequately staffed by competent workers Policy Procedures and routines Ensuring that all members of staff:  Comply with the requirements of Our Client and related legislation concerning children, including ensuring the maintenance of fire precautions, fire drills, fire registers, Health and Safety precautions and risk assessments. Community Relations  Establishing and maintaining good relations with neighbours and the local community, with particular concern for the needs and protection of the young people in the house.  Establishing links with the local Child Protection Agency and Police On Call  Sharing On-Call duties on a monthly rota. Working on-line  Sharing sleep-in and working on-line duties on a monthly rota Also: To carry out such duties as are required and as are commensurate with the grade of the post. This may include work in any of the registered homes or registered office of Our Client. ACCOUNTABILITY In the first instance, the Team Manager is directly accountable for the above responsibilities to his/her respective Registered Manager, but ultimately to the General Manager and Directors of Our Client. This is a brief job synopsis. If you would like any further information please contact Head Office on the above contact details

Both permanent and temporary opportunities are available!