Children Support Worker #12295215

July 25, 2022
£21000 - £23000 / year

Job Description

This is a permanent position, supporting Children in a Residential Setting. A great company with great benefits and lots of progression.

Shift Rota’s MON TUE SAT, SUN week 1 FOLLOWING WEEK: WED, THU FRI week 2 inc 1 to 2 sleeps per week paying £78 per sleep

Our client is a leading Provider of care to children and young people in the area.

This post represents the standards, authority, responsibility and accountability of a Residential Support Worker.

As Residential Support Worker, the post holder will assist the Shift Leaders and Deputy / Registered Manager(s) in the day-to-day functions of the home and care programmes for young people.

The role of the Residential Support Worker is an important one for our client and as such provides an excellent opportunity for professional development within the company. Our client invests heavily in staff development and is committed to recruiting future Shift Leaders and Managers wherever possible from within its own ranks.

The core purpose of the role of the Residential Support Worker is to: Assist the Shift Leaders, Deputy Manager and Registered Manager in providing an emotionally secure, consistent, warm, supportive and caring environment for the young people and to encourage their social, physical, emotional, intellectual and moral development so that they may realise their own potential. Furthermore, to work to high professional standards of care, control and supervision.

STANDARDS This job description requires the post holder to perform his/her duty commensurate with the agreed standards for:  Children’s Homes – Quality Standards and Regulations  The Children’s Act  Ofsted Framework and Regulations  BILD – Autistic Spectrum Disorders It is the responsibility of the post holder to be fully aware of the standards that our client require in carrying out the duties in this job description.

TRAINING: All staff are required to attend full induction training including Child Protection and Physical Intervention before commencing employment. This training will be provided at no cost to the employee. A level 3 diploma in Heath & Social Care – Children and Young people is desirable, if not completed all Residential Support Worker must achieve this within 2 years of commencing post, unless they already hold an appropriate qualification.

AUTHORITY The post holder has delegated authority from the General Manager via the Registered / Deputy Manager to carry out his/her duties as a Residential Support Worker for our client in one of its homes. The authority is within that laid down in the company’s policies, procedures and routines, and agreed line management structure. If at any time the post holder is unsure of the authority that he/she has to carry out his/her role(s) he/she should discuss the matter in the first instance with his/her line manager.

RESPONSIBILITY Within the framework of our clients Statement of Purpose and policies, procedures and routines, the responsibilities of the Residential Support Worker are set out below and are common to all members of care staff teams who work on-line with young people.

ROTA/SHIFT PATTERN The role is based on a 42 hour week, on a rota basis, with a variety of shifts ranging from 3 hours to 14 hours per day, covering the period of 8.30am to 10.30pm 7 days a week. (Some shifts may commence before 8.30am). The Residential Support Worker is responsible for:

1. Planning for Care Induction of each young person – Assisting or leading (if key worker) in the identification and assessment of a young person’s needs, including responsibility for assisting with the writing (or taking a lead role in writing) and implementation of the individual learning, care and health placement plan (s). Induction of each young person – Ensuring that each young person is made aware, and guided through, the services that they can expect from the home, including:  who their key worker will be;  how they will be cared for;  the contents of their individual placement plan, including targets;  routines and procedures of the home; and if applicable  who they are likely to share with.

Relationships – Developing and sustaining professional, positive and constructive relationships with each young person in order to meet his/her social, moral, intellectual, physical and emotional needs in accordance with agreed policy, procedures and routines of our client. Support for the young person – Ensuring that each young person receives a high level and quality of individual support throughout his/her time in the home. Furthermore, that such support is professional and in accordance with agreed policy, procedures and routines of our client.

Monitoring progress – Assisting or leading (if key worker) in the monitoring and review of each young person’s needs and development on a regular basis during his/her stay in the home, including;  Making suggestions and recommendations for amendments to the placement plan resulting from any progress or lack of it;  Writing or contributing to the writing of review progress reports  Attending review meetings as and when required.

Contacts – Assisting other members of the care staff team or assuming a lead role (if key worker) in ensuring that each young person has every opportunity to have regular contact with and visits from parents, guardians, relatives and friends in accordance with agreed policy, procedures and routines of our client.

Exit strategy – Assisting other members of the care staff team or taking a lead role (if key worker) in preparing a young person for leaving the home in a planned and sensitive manner, either to move to another children’s home, to return to their own home and/ or to enter the world of work or further training.

Both permanent and temporary opportunities are available!