Job Description

To effectively manage the home and related resources, in line with the policies, procedures and practices of the Department, ensuring high quality standards of performance and practice. To develop and lead the staff team in order to deliver high quality care for children and ensure improved outcomes by meeting and exceeding the relevant statutory standards. To ensure that adequate operational systems exist within the home to support the various services and that adequate communication systems exist for staff within the establishment.


1. To have an overview of the home’s activity range, children’s care plans and ensure that these are being met. To arrange clear delegation of the home’s function and activity and to publish and review the delegation basis.

2. To plan and organise own time, create work schedules and prioritise and set schedules for self and others.

3. To lead the staff team in planning and maintaining a living environment which is conductive to the well-being of children and young people within the home. To guide, shape and facilitate team members in this process and promote harmonious relationships with children and young people and ensure best child-care practice is followed within the home.

4. To apply solution focused approaches to problem solving and make decisions with consideration of associated risk factors.

5. To ensure that Looked After Children documentation is accurately maintained, that young persons’ Care Plans are implemented in accordance with the review process and that an effective key worker system is in place.

6. To ensure the maintenance of effective control within the establishment according to establishment and Departmental policies. To facilitate the development of self-control by young people appropriate to the circumstances of each young person.

7. To effectively manage the home in line with the statutory requirements and departmental policies and practice. To ensure that the framework of inspection is understood and that the home meets or exceeds the required standards.

8. To establish, manage and maintain effective monitoring systems in order to maintain effective professional, managerial and budgetary control and ensure systems follow statutory requirements and all reports produced meet deadlines and are of a high standard.

9. To assist children and young people to maximise their personal strengths and skills towards greater self-reliance and independence. To assist them to develop their communication skills and to provide opportunities for self-expression. To help them to make choices within realistic or available opportunities.

10. To ensure that all Health and Safety matters are processed properly and to undertake risk assessments as appropriate.

11. To ensure that any safeguarding concerns are recorded and acted upon timely and appropriately.

12. To contribute to and ensure the maintenance of recording systems as appropriate or defined, ensuring that team members contribute to establishment recordings as required or defined.

13. To ensure that all information is shared appropriately, both with staff, senior managers and regulatory bodies and ensure staff are made aware of relevant changes in legislation, policies and procedures.

14. To provide reports as required and to ensure completion of reports by appropriate team members. To chair or attend meetings as required and ensure that team members are released from duty for appropriate meetings.

15. To lead the continuous development of the home ensuring that children and young people’s views are taken into account and staff participate in this process.

16. Be responsible for the safe recruitment, selection and appointment of staff and ensure all relevant checks and a full induction is undertaken.

17. To adhere to departmental policies and performance management processes: including the development and monitoring of team plans, delivery of effective supervision, maintenance of personnel files and records of training, personal development reviews, sickness absence procedures, management of disciplinary issues, provision of statistical and pertinent management information in relation to practice and the establishment.

18. To maintain own continuous personal development through research and reading to provide a source of expertise and develop specialist knowledge thus providing advanced theoretical, practical and procedural knowledge across the relevant frameworks that underpin practice.

19. To effectively utilise Information Technology and manage its consistent use by staff.

20. Be responsible for and manage allocated budgets provided for the home in line with Financial Regulations. To maintain the establishment inventory of fittings, furnishings and equipment. To be aware of the overall economic factors within the establishment and to advise/liaise with the Finance Department as appropriate. To maintain cash systems within the establishment

21. To ensure that the establishment’s Statement of Purpose is appropriate, regularly reviewed and updated.

22. To form, along with the Assistant Manager, a corporate approach to child-care, management and the development of the establishment and ensure that all departmental policies are actively followed and where necessary staff are challenged and disciplined if and when required.

23. Apply effective conflict resolution skills and ensure that all complaints are fully investigated and resolved and if this is not possible within the home that they are passed on appropriately in line with the department’s complaints procedure.

24. To ensure that children, young people and their parents, or those with parental responsibility, are provided with an up to date Information Pack at or immediately after admission.

25. To facilitate and/or chair meetings as required, including those with other professionals, staff, children, parents and carers.

26. To ensure that staff and young persons meetings are held on a monthly basis or more frequently if required.

27. To ensure that all practice within the home meets professional and ethical standards.

28. To ensure that client information data is lawfully gathered, accurate and up-to-date and only divulged in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the local government common law duty of confidentiality. Failure to apply these duties can lead to the individual or the Department facing court proceedings.

29. In addition to principal duties there is an expectation to contribute to the services strategic and policy.

30. To undertake any other duties, as directed from time to time, to meet the exigencies of the service.


1. Professional Qualification in Social Work Desired

NVQ Level 4 Child Care – Essential

Level 4 Management Qualification – Essential

ECDL, CLAIT or other IT quals – Desired