Job Description


Responsible for supporting the Fostering Service Manager in leading and developing a high performing region offering operational excellence, continuous improvement, and financial performance. Ensuring consistent quality assurance whilst always working within Government legislation, regulations, and Fostering National Minimum standards.


• To deliver an efficient, effective, and high-quality service to stakeholders and external regulators.

• To operate in accordance with relevant childcare and fostering legislation and ensure that all service delivery within the agency exceeds the national minimum standards.

• To contribute to the growth and development of the region and meet or exceed financial performance targets by building both quality placements and carer volume.

• To manage and retain current business by anticipating and exceeding customer and carer expectations.

• To develop, strengthen and strive to continuously improve customer relationships with key LA customers.

• To oversee and support the recruitment of prospective Foster Carers ensuring that customer need and placement demand is understood and is effectively translated into the agency’s recruitment and assessment plans.

• To work as a part of a Regional Management team, contributing to the shape and success of the organisation following a Quality Assurance lifecycle including undertaking audits and reporting.

• To contribute to and provide management reports / information for example, weekly management reports and Performance Development Review Meetings.

• To be the Manager representative at meetings and chairing and facilitating meetings e.g., Foster Carer Annual Review Meetings and Therapeutic Clinics.

• Provide positive and dynamic Leadership and Management to the Fostering Service Team, creating a well skilled, trained, and motivated workforce.

• To lead on identified projects and service developments.

• To provide highly effective quality Management support for the business/regions on call rota.

• To cover the services in the absence of the Fostering Service Manager with support from Responsible Individual/Director of Operations / Assistant Director Fostering.


1. Recruit, assess, and monitor the continued suitability and competence of Foster Carers ensuring they provide a safe, healthy, nurturing and learning environment for children/young people.

2. Ensure that carers fully understand the fostering task, competencies to be achieved and the standards expected, including complaints and representation procedures as detailed in the Agency’s Fostering’s policies and procedures.

3. Support Foster Carers to evidence their competence against the all Wales Induction Framework Outcomes for Social Care Workers (AWIFS) and complete the workbook within specified timescales, assess evidence provided and sign off each standard where sufficient evidence has been provided.

4. Provide and record regular supervision to allocated foster carers in line with the agency’s operational standards and undertake such additional support visits/telephone contact with foster carers as required taking into account all family members needs.

5. Contribute to Foster Carer Annual Reviews, within required timescales, providing written evidence of competence. Presenting Annual Review Reports to Review Fostering Panel as required.

6. Social Workers should ensure that all of their Carers have an accurate and up to date Foster Care Agreement that meets regulatory requirements.

7. Identify learning and development needs of Foster Carers, Record in a development plan and recommend actions required.

8. Undertake initial visits and Carer aassessmentss as part of your caseload as required by the business.

9. Attend meetings to support Foster Carers, children and young people (all professional meetings relevant to any above parties).

10. Support Foster Carers in achieving and working within children’s care plans including moving on into independence.

11. Assist in the delivery of training for Foster Carers including ‘Skills to Foster’ and New Carer induction.

12. Ensure Foster Carers are aware of wider support systems available e.g. Fostering Network and FosterTalk.


1. Ensure each child has an accurate and up to date Care Plan on file and that Carers have a copy available for reference.

2. Represent the agency/support colleagues in attendance at safeguarding meetings as required.

3. Work in partnership with the relevant authority to ensure that the child and young person’s needs as identified in the Care Plan and placement agreement are met.

4. Ensure each child has a placement agreement on file and that Carers have a copy available for reference if appropriate.

5. Ensure that comprehensive case recordings are completed and maintained within policy timeframes.

6. Demonstrate a sound knowledge of Safeguarding procedures and attend safeguarding training as offered by the organisation.

7. Participate in negotiations between the agency and Local Authorities to ensure that each child or young person placed is carefully matched with a Foster Carer capable of meeting their needs.

8. Complete paperwork and procedures in relation to significant Incidents and Notifiable Events within company timescales.

9. Ensure the necessary Risk Assessments are completed in line with the Agency’s policies and procedures.

10. Ensure compliance with Social Care Wales to retain job title and registration.

11. Attend social and consultation activities relating to the support of children, young people and Foster Carers.

12. In consultation with line manager, ensure that learning and professional development needs are met.

13. Ensure that all Foster Carers and adult household members have an up-to-date DBS/medical/household health & safety risk assessment.

14. Undertake regular visits to children and young people placed in our care in line with company policy.


1. Provide professional supervision including annual appraisal (if applicable) to an agreed number of social workers, support workers and students, in accordance with the agency needs.

2. Undertake joint work with colleagues in the role of coach/mentor as a part of their learning and development.

3. Lead on specific development areas, e.g. complex cases, practice development, new initiatives as agreed with the Fostering Service Manager.

4. Deputise for the Fostering Service Manager (as requested). This will include, providing advice and guidance, responding to safeguarding issues and supporting placements.


1. Provide a contribution to or compliance with the Regional Business plan for placement growth, recruitment, and retention of carers.

2. Promote the benefits of the Compass Community in all stakeholder meetings, representing the organisation and range of services that we always offer.

3. Attend consultation forums/meetings with LA Commissioning teams to develop business opportunities.

4. To develop and maintain positive working relationships with all colleagues to support the development of the region.


1. Take responsibility for administration in relation to the social work task to include file administration, typing of all communication, reports, and case recordings.

2. To take overall responsibility for the foster care and children’s file, ensuring relevant and accurate information is recorded in a timely manner.

3. To meet with the team administrator on a face-to-face basis in line with agency QA/Auditing policy timeframes.

4. Undertake personal responsibility to ensure you are trained and competent with the company’s system and database.


• Social Work Degree or equivalent Social Work Qualification.

• Significant post graduate experience.

• Membership of relevant professional body.

• Operational Management experience preferably within the IFP/Fostering sector with responsibility for direct line management and leadership of a team.

• Proven track record of delivering results including improvements to service.

• Excellent knowledge of childcare legislation; specifically, in Wales to include primary legislation most relevant to Fostering and Children who are looked after.

• Welsh speaking / knowledge of Welsh language would be desirable.

• Competent and capable with IT (inputting, manipulating, producing reports and analysing data)

• Successful management of budgets and resources / operating within financial constraints and / or competing priorities would be desirable.

• Understanding of Health and Safety legislation and their role in protecting the health, safety and wellbeing of colleagues and others.



• Is visible, approachable and earns respect; inspires and motivates others, building high performing teams.

• Demonstrates the high standards of integrity, honesty and fairness expected; carries forward decisions of the management team.

Delivery of Results

• Deliver an efficient, effective and high-quality service to stakeholders and external regulators;

• To support and manage a service which fulfils the organisations business objectives and performance targets;

• Apply a proportionate and ethical approach to the exercise of authority, which develops and maintains relationships with carers and professionals and ensures the protection of children.

• Communicating targets to relevant stakeholders and performance.

Personal Effectiveness

• Is aware of personal strengths and weaknesses and their impact on others with ability to take a firm stance when a situation warrants it;

• Pursues adopted strategies with energy and commitment, managing own time well to meet competing priorities;

• Adapts quickly and is flexible to new demands and changes.


• Has in-depth knowledge and experience related to the service and knows when and how to find and use sources of expertise, within and outside the group;

• Understands the environment within which the group evolves, including regulatory frameworks and applies best practices from other sectors and organisations;

• Understands how policy impacts on operations, staff and others who may be involved with the group.

Intellect and Judgement

• Generates original ideas with practical applications and encourages creative thinking by others;

• Defends logic of own position but also responds positively to reasoned alternatives;

• Delegates decisions appropriately.

Emotional Intelligence

• Able to sense what other people are feeling and able to express own feelings;

• Knowing what we are thinking and feeling, how this makes us behave and understand the impact this has on others;

• Being able to handle our feelings in ways that are safe and respectful to ourselves and other people;

• Demonstrate a high level of resilience within pressured environments, be attuned to the effect of high emotion and stress and respond in calm, measured and pragmatic ways.

• Being able to support other people through emotional difficulties. •

Managing Change

• Encourages innovation and positive change in services;

• Exhibits ability to manage change constructively;

• Effectively communicates the reason / need for change, involving others in the process and assessing the impact of change.

The details contained in this Job Description is not an exhaustive list of duties and you will be expected to perform different duties commensurate with the level of the post as required by the organisation and the overall objectives of the group. The nature of the agency business means that tasks and responsibilities are sometimes unpredictable therefore colleagues are expected to work flexibly when the occasion arises. Travel is expected as part of this role including travel to other Compass Community offices.